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Our Mission

We, Roger and Brittany, love the sense of community one gets from local markets, local eateries and from unique places where everybody knows everybody. Sadly we don’t see many places that like that. As a young couple, we want to do our part to change the world for the better by building community. By helping to build the community we hope to bring people and ideas together. Ideas that will help change the world. We must do our part to leave this world a better place for future generations.

Our Saga

Our dream started years ago when Brittany quit the job she came to dislike and we decided to pack our rucksacks and backpack around Europe. One common theme we noticed time and time again was the sense of community. Whether it was at a German beer garden or a small coffee shop in Rome people talked about politics, sports, family, whatever they wished. Nothing was off-limits and the conversations I had were enlightening. As fate would have it we were walking around a neighborhood in Rome and Brittany noticed a cafe in the corner with what she thought was a cat in the window. Turns out it was. We absolutely love the sense of community we felt and experienced. We decided we had to bring back to the US.

Brittany grew up with a cat named Peaches and loves cats. Roger still thinks this was part of her master plan to have more cats. Nonetheless, after we visited that coffee shop an idea started brewing in our minds. What was once just an idea in the mind has now come to fruition. Against the hundreds of government regulations, all the no’s, all the constant setbacks, and all the hoops we had to jump through we never gave up. Our dream was not allowed in Georgia or the US and after almost 3 years with everything from going to Court to lobbying legislators, we have accomplished building a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and experience. We made our dream happen and so can you.

Come enjoy the first-of-its-kind experience with family, friends, or that special someone. Pair wine with a meat and cheese board, a beer to go with your side, or enjoy a slice of one of our made-from-scratch pies, Brittany’s recipes. The Catfe is an extension of us, enjoy the atmosphere, the company of one another and help rebuild the community.

Philosophy through Action

We want superb coffee that serves the community. The coffee roaster we support is Phoenix Roasters which is one of the handful of roasters that engages in direct trade with underdeveloped communities. Because of this, the local farmer sees an approximate 300% increase in their Phoenix Roasterswages as opposed to fair trade. Basically the farmer and family receive more money for their hard work. As Phoenix Roasters rise they continue to contribute towards ending commercial exploitation of children, ending homelessness, supporting single moms and more. By purchasing our coffee you are directly helping build community, not just locally but abroad. Not only are they supporting various causes but their bean quality and roasting is excellent.

Our menu is simple but a lot of thought and time went into making it. From dozens of meats and cheeses, we created one of a kind meat and cheese boards. From visiting coffee roasters, we brought to you local options that we not only sampled but actually met with the employees and got a feel for what they are doing for their communities and causes. We sampled dozens of wines from many regions throughout Europe settling on French, Italian, and Moldovian wines. We negotiated prices to help bring you the best products at the best price. Our menu was a labor of love and a part of us that we bring to you. Enjoying a meal and drink at The Catfe helps not only support local businesses but also global causes. We must each do our part to help change the world for the better. Enjoy this first of its kind business.

Social Impact

Our purpose is to build a community to change the future. We will help build a better world by being living examples to others. The Catfe will be part of the change. A place to come with friends, family, meet new friends, and have a good time. Connect, discuss and be part of the change you want to see in the world.

Purveyors of Social Change

Brittany and Roger

Brittany and Roger

Our Kids

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