Meet our Kitties!


Sweet like Sugar. She’s a genuine lap cat. If you’re reading a book or just enjoying the view, she likes to climb into a lap. She was a bit overweight when we got her but has lost a lot of it due to the new cat gym Roger built for them to have fun on. She’s not afraid of heights and was the first cat to scale to the upper level of the cat gym. She’s calm and well experienced in the cat arts of balancing.


Sweet and smooth. She’s a smooth climber and makes climbing look like some sort of art dance. The kittens have learned a lot from her. She likes to see what’s going on and is not afraid to walk around and investigate. If something makes her unhappy or she is curious about something, she’ll meow to let you know. She is also a sort of mother to the two kittens Basticat and Biscuit. She loves to lick and love on them. Sometime you might even catch them cuddled together in one of their many cat beds.


Beautiful and quiet, think snow leopard. He likes to keep to himself and is definitely not a lap cat. He’s named after the French economist and writer, Ferderic Bastiat. He loves to play rough with the other cats. He used to get into fights with Sugar but has slowly calmed down and now he might just chase her around a bit.


Big and a lover. He’s the cat that will let us do almost anything to him. He’s huge and loves to play. Basticat and he are brothers from the same litter. Both of them definitely play rough with one another. He’s the reason the cat gym is made heavy-duty, Roger can literally do a pull up on it. He’s a big boy and he needs his space.

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